• Nov 1951

    Founding Of The Club

    At 8:00 p.m. on Wednesday the 14th November 1951, 18 residents of the township of Albion Park met in the local Council Chambers to discuss the town’s need for a Bowling Club.

    The meeting which was convened by Alderman Roy O’Gorman, who is pictured opposite, front centre left, also attracted the attendance of two additional local aldermen, namely Keith Grey, pictured during his term of office as Mayor and Jack Timbs. The only Notice of Motion moved at the Inaugural Meeting on the 14th November 1951 was as follows:-

    Moved R. O’Gorman Sec. A Thickett
    “That a Bowling Club be formed and that those present become the Foundation Members”

  • 1953

    Old Tin Shed

    The first Club House, constructed in 1953 for the princely sum of eighty pounds, was a corrugated iron dwelling, that became affectionately known to all and sundry as the “Old Tin Shed”.

  • Mid 1950's

    Growing Bigger

    This “Tin Shed” proved to be a most popular “Watering Hole” for the locals and although still very restrictive in the hours of trading was extended Westwards during the mid-late fifties / early sixties with an enclosed lean-to designed to cater for the increase in patronage.
    In the mid 1950’s it was obvious to the all male membership of the Club that the “Old Tin Shed” needed to be replaced with a larger structure.

  • 1957

    Raising Money

    So it came to pass, that on the 14th March 1957, the Committee charged three of their members (Nev Pearson, Roy O’Gorman & Charlie Rose) with the task of raising funds for a new club house.
    At that time, the Annual subscription was four guineas, with membership restricted to gentlemen only.
    In June 1957, to further assist their fund raising program, the Club decided to purchase their first ever Poker Machine(One of the shilling or ten cent variety that reportedly never ever paid a jackpot)

  • Sep 1959

    Liquor Liscencing

    While the Townsfolk of Albion Park were celebrating the Municipality of Shellharbour’s Centenary in 1959; the Members of the Albion Park Bowling Club had an extra reason to celebrate, as it was during the month of September 1959, that their Club was granted a Liquor License. Trading hours were restricted to three days a week; Wednesday afternoons after 4:30pm and all day Saturday and Sunday.
    The continued growth and expansion of our Town has meant that our Club has also needed to expand.

  • Apr 1967

    Upgrading The Tin Shed

    With the new money being generated by the club, the new brick Clubhouse which was built to replace the old tin shed was officially opened on the 2nd April 1967 by the R.N.S.W.B.A. President E. Downie.

  • Oct 1996

    Western-end Extensions

    Over the years our Club has continued to grow and prosper whilst at the same time retaining amongst our growing membership the friendly atmosphere that allows us to continue to lay claim to being “The Friendliest Club on the Leisure Coast”